Relaxation Facial - $49

(30 min cleanser, toner, mask and  massage)

Mini Facial - $75

(extractions included)

Full European Facial - $100

Facial Treatments by Skeyndor

Power C - $95

Professional treatment designed to illuminate the skin leaving it visibly younger. Intensive light effect treatment & relentless anti-oxidant activity.

Skin Type

Treatment indicated for all skin types, except sensitive skins.

Active Ingredients

Pure Vitamin C (15%), Anogeissus Leiocarpus Ext., Pomegranate extract (6%, HG solution), Aloe Vera Extract, α-Bisabolol, Vitamin C derivative (3%).

Power Retinol - $110

POWER RETINOL is the outcome of exhaustive research into retinoids and substances with retinoidal or retinoid-like effects for use in the professional cosmetic field and in aesthetic medicine. Its mission is to rejuvenate skin that is aged due to natural causes or exposure to the sun (photo-aging).

Power Oxygen - $110

A treatment designed to provide OXYGEN to the skin and to create a barrier/protective effect against environmental POLLUTION. A combination of oxygenating, antipollution, antioxidant, detoxifying and prebiotic active agents, for a more intense global purifying and protective effect. Created to provide oxygen to the skin and to create a barrier/protective effect against environmental pollution. A Formula with a high Perfluorodecalin content, an oxygen-trapping molecule, and two complementary polysaccharides with a protective effect. A combination of oxygenating, antipollution, antioxidant, detoxifying and prebiotic active agents, for a more intense global revitalizing, purifying and protective effect. POWER OXYGEN is ideal for suffocated or stressed skin or anyone living in urban city surroundings. Its carefully studied formulation
allows perfect oxygenation of the skin and protection from ageing in urban settings.

Power Hyaluronic - $110

Balances the skin’s natural hydrodynamics, obtaining an optimum degree of hydration. 

Skin Type

Recommended for dehydrated skins on the surface or in depth and with an irregular micro-relief and tiny wrinkles.

Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid (2%), Liposomed polarised water, sunflower extract, Xylitol and derivatives.

Power Hyaluronic Eye Contour & Lashes - $78

Professional treatment to rejuvenate eye contour and strengthen your eyelashes.

Skin Type

All skin types.

Active Description

Acid Hyaluronic , Silk tree extract, Darutoside, Biotin-GHK.

Power hyaluronic combo special (save $40)

Timeless Prodigy - $230

Discover the most exclusive technological jewel for your skin. Luxury and science combined in a unique sensory experience. Global ultra anti-ageing treatment to definitively combat the signs of skin ageing.

Aquatherm - $95

Professional treatment specifically for sensitive and reactive skins. Soothes and calms sensitivity. Strengthens the skin from enviroment and prevents premature ageing.

Skin Type

All skin types, particularly sensitive skins and very sensitive skins.

Active Ingredients

Spring water, Pre-biotic oligosaccharides, Plant extracts, Highly pure marine collagen (99%), Ceramides, Pumpkin extract, Co-enzyme Q10, Dermo-saccharides.

Eternal Youth - $120

Treatment designed to offer an overall regenerating cosmetic effect providing an effective, long lasting anti-ageing treatment. Containing highly coveted plant origin stem cell nanoliposomes, promoting the production of epidermal stem cells, whilst protecting them against environmental stresses such as harmful UV rays.

Skin Type

Ideal anti-wrinkle treatment for all skin types, particularly dry skins and skins with blemishes and lost elasticity.

Active Ingredients

Plant origin stem cell liposomes, Oil soluble Jambu extract, Oil-soluble marine fennel extract, Oil-soluble marine lavender extract.

Global Lift - $135

Professional treatment designed to restore the facial fullness of youth and redefine the facial contours.

Skin Type

Indicated for all skin types.

Derma Peel - Timeless peel sequential system - Wrinkle demising Treatment - $110

Wrinkle diminishing treatment. It combines the action of 3 aha’s: Glycolic and lactic acid with a renovating action to treat medium wrinkles and mandelic acid to minimize pores.

Skin Type

Thick and/or photo-aged skin with renovating needs(wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, large pores, etc.)

Derma Peel - Brightening peel sequential system - Wrinkle dimishing Treatment - $

Pigmentation treatment. Combination of glycolic acids for deep renewing action, with citric acid + phytic acid to reduce the pigmentation.

Skin Type

Thick and/or photo-aged skin with renovating needs (wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, large pores, etc.)

Corrective - $140

Treatment inspired in the world’s leading medical-aesthetic treatments, scientifically formulated to treat deep wrinkles and expression lines both quickly and effectively.

Skin Type

Anti-wrinkle treatment for wrinkled, flaccid and aged skins.

Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid, Pearl Powder, Oil-Soluble sea lavender extract, Anemarrhenae asphedeloides extract, Dictyopteris membranacea extract.

Mesoscience Treatments

Mesobright - $115

Mesocosmetic treatment formulated for lightening areas of skin with hyper-pigmentation. Its active ingredients balance colour and soften dark spots. Its high contents in vitamin C helps brings light and leaves the skin looking even and radiant.

Active Ingredients 

Ionisable vitamin C, Acid amino-ethylphosphinic,

Mesofiller - $115

A mesocosmetic treatment formulated to soften wrinkles and increase the skin’s firmness on the face, neck and cleavage. Its active ingredients restore cell communication and stimulate the neosynthesis of the elements making up the skin’s structural matrix: collagen and elastine and hyaluronic acid. Ideal for aged and sun worn skins.

Skin Type

Aged and sun worn skins

Active Ingredients

Microcollagen, Liposomed polyphenoles, Microalgae.

Mesolift - $125

Mesocosmetic treatment formulated to soften expression lines and to create a continuous “lifting” feel on the skin. Its active ingredients produce multiple “lifting” effects of progressive intensity (micro and macro-lifting) at different levels of depth, which, once united in sequence, lead to a noticeable “lifting” sensation in three dimensions which has lasting effects.

Skin Type

Flaccid skins and with signs of ageing.

Active Ingredients

Biopeptides, Aminopropane dihydrogen phosphate “APPA”, Low molecular weight collagen hydrolysed, Medium molecular weight oat polysaccharides

Mesoslim - $130

Body reducing mesocosmetic treatment that acts on the three main points that trigger the appearance of cellulite and the ‘orange skin’ effect: insufficient return microsystem, lypolisis/lypogenesis imbalance and body compensation effect.

Skin Type

Ideal for all skin types with cellulite and liquid retention, and also flaccid skins.

Active Ingredients

Artichoke extract,laminaria extract, decapeptide

Uniqcure Express Treatments

SOS Anti-stress Detox - $60

This SOS Anti-Stress Detox Express treatment will provide your skin with detoxifying and purifying benefits.

Intense Cool Hydration - $60

This Intense Cool Hydration Express treatment will provide your skin with maximum hydration.

Instant Radiance - $60

This Instant Radiance Express treatment will provide your skin with maximum brightness.

Head to Toe - $95

Any Uniqcure express treatment of your choice with adding scrub and massage for your feet and arms.