massage treatments

Massage is a powerful treatment that helps to restore your body and well-being. Massage therapies range from light stroking to deep pressure, and a type of therapy is assigned individually to each client. 

Some benefits of massage include:  

30 minutes MASSAGE


Duration: 30 minutes



Duration: 45 minutes



Duration: 60 minutes



Duration: 90 minutes

offer: First time client massage


Duration: 60 minutes

Take advantage of our exclusive offer for a 60-minute massage available to all first time clients. 

birthday special


Special Price: $140 – $105
Duration: 90 minutes

Come the day before, the day of or day after your birthday and receive a 90-minute massage for the price of a 60-minute massage.



Duration: 60 minutes

body scrub


Duration: 90 minutes

90-minute treatment. Full body exfoliation with nice and warm shower afterwards

Natural Face Lifting Massage

Natural Face Lifting Massage delivers a natural face-lift through a comprehensive series of technical moves delivered by a skilled therapist. Product-free moves work to reverse the signs of aging by releasing facial tightness, plumping the dermis, and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. It is not advisable to take this treatment immediately following botox injections or other recent facial enhancement treatments.

For the best results, we recommend completing a course of 12 procedures but for your convenience, we offer you 3 types of packages:

Package -1 has 3 massages each for 125$

Package – 2 has 6 massages each for 110$

Package – 3 has 12 massages each for 100$

If you will decide to change the package the price will be adjusted accordingly. 

package - 1


package - 2


package - 3


reflexology massage

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears. Reflexology is based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems. In traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology rests in QI (pronounced “chee”), or “vital energy” philosophy. According to QI philosophy, vital energy flows through each person, and when a body experiences stress, the body blocks QI. Thus reflexology aims to keep QI balanced through the body. 

In Chinese medicine, different body parts correspond with different pressure points on the body. Reflexologists use maps of these points in the feet, hands, and ears to determine where they should apply pressure. Some benefits of reflexology include: 



Duration: 30 minutes



Duration: 60 minutes

massage add-ons

face cold stone


hot stones


foot scrub


your specialists


Alina lomtadze




Free Consultation

Duration: 30 minutes

Take advantage of our FREE, no-obligation consultation with our knowledgeable aestheticians to determine which massage procedure suits you best. 


Duration: 30 minutes

Take advantage of our FREE, no-obligation consultation with our knowledgeable aestheticians to determine which massage procedure suits you best. 

what clients say about our work

Sivan RaikoSivan Raiko
01:13 09 Jun 22
After I tried lots of other places and wasn't happy with the quality of the pedicure and the service, I received a recommendation on Alina's salon. The best pedicure I ever had, the girls there are amazing and Viki is so professional. Highly recommended
Shai GornshteinShai Gornshtein
01:57 29 May 22
Alina’s salon in absolutely amazing. Not only that you are always greeted by a friendly and welcoming team, their service is simply remarkable. Anything from massage to pedicures and hair removal - everything is always super professional, clean and feels like home!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Leah SwitzerLeah Switzer
23:07 02 Apr 22
Very kind. Amazing, hospitable service. Clean. Put your money into a neighborhood business that cares. Was my first time and will be back for another pedicure and other services.
Karyn CatoKaryn Cato
22:17 25 Jan 22
What a truly classy and lovely place this is. I can't believe I only just discovered them a few days ago, I drive past often. Their client care is top notch. Julia is so warm, gracious and kind and really made my day.Zurab is a fantastic therapist.I'll definitely be back to try more of their services in the future
מיכל אנג'להמיכל אנג'לה
07:04 20 Sep 21
The best service I ever got! Love their professionalism, and perfectionism!

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